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Peru is Well-Known For the Rich Legacy Left by the Pre-Hispanic Cultures of The Country Throughout its Territory. The Tourist axis of South America Has as its Center the City of Cusco, The Ancient Capital of the Incas. It is Considered to be the Archaeological Capital of South America. In the City of Cusco, the Complexity of the Culture as a Result of the Melting Pot That was Developed in Peruvian Territory Gave Place to the Mixture of Incas and Spanish, That is What you Can Appreciate. It is Especially Evident in the Fusion Between Inca Ruins and Spanish Colonial Architecture.

Cusco Was the Capital of The Inca Empire Since Its Beginning in the 14th Century Until the Spanish Conquest in 1533, When Francisco Pizarro, Born in Extremadura, Conquered the Aspired Territory of the Tahuantinsuyo That Later Became Peru. This Occurred Following a Long and Difficult Voyage Through Panama and Over the Andes. By choice of Destiny he Became the First Governor of Peru .The Gold Mines Plundered the Wealth of Peru on Behalf of the Spanish Empire This Brought Economic Stability Throughout Europe But Specifically in Spain With Such an Economic Transformation That it Led to a Whole New Historical Process Called Viceroyalty.

The Inca Capital is Especially known for its Architecture of Enormous Cut-Stone Blocks, ThatFit so Perfectly That no Mortar Was Needed. Coricancha , the Temple of the Sun, and the Fortress of Sacsahuaman, That Were Built With Enormous Boulders Some of Which Weighed over 190 tons. These are the Most Outstanding Examples of This Type of Constructions. Cusco Was Designed in the Shape of a Puma in the 15th Century, Which is the Legendary Fortress of Sacsahuaman as the Head. The Confluence of the Huatanay and Tullumayo Rivers Were Canalized and Straightened to Form the Tail .The Heart of the City and the Puma Werethe Huacaypata, it Was the Main Square of Cuzco in Inca Times. Likewise it Was Located in the Same Place as the Modern City Square but Twice the Size. A Gravel Covered Area Surrounded the Palace of the Ancient Inca King and Was the Site of Important Ceremonies in the Inca Calendar. Four Main Roads, FinelySmoothed, Left the Square to the Four Corners of the Empire. It Was a City of Incredible Constructions and so Beautiful that it Left the First Spaniards Breathless.




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