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The Festivity of “the Virgen de la Candelaria" is Celebrated Every Year From the 8th to the14th of February in Puno ( 1\2 Hour by Airplane From Cusco to Juliaca) .It's a Very Interesting Traditional Celebration With a Lot of Dancing in Which the Dancers Show Decorated and Authentic Masks. The Most Famous is the "Diablada" (Devil Dance).

"Inti Raymi" (The Sun Celebration)
It's the Most Important Celebration in Cusco .Every Year on the 24th of June, This Area Comes to Life. According to the Ancient Chroniclers, These Celebrations Were Linked to the Harvest and Provided the Opportunity to the Incas to Express Their Appreciation to Their Gods: the Sun, the Moon, the Thunder, Huanacauri and the Mother Earth For the Products Which Ensured the Sustenance of the Population. Singing, Dancing and Consuming the Sacred Fermented Chicha of Corn Which are Integral Parts of This Celebration. The IntIRaymi Ceremonies are Performed in Several Towns Designated for This Purpose. But the Most Important Ritual Event is the Beginning of the Harvest. In the Beginning of the Harvest, the Youth Chosen for Military or Political Activities go to Sausero to Collect the Corn. This Area is Near the Temple of the Sun or Coricancha. The Tourists go up to the Sacsayhuaman Fortress Where They Can Admire the Performances and Dances. The Dancers Wear Traditional Clothing of the Incas and the Inca Reenacts the Sacrifice of a Llama, Using a Knife, to Offer the Heart to the Sun. The Festivity Continues all Week Long.

Corpus Christi.
Since Early Colonial Times, the Feast of the Corpus Christi has Been Celebrated Throughout the Andes. This Festivity, which is one of the most Widespread in America, Began in the Middle Age. It Provides Faithful Catholics the Opportunity to be United Around the Eucharist’s. In Cuzco, the Festivities Last a Week and are Attended by Many Visitors. During the Celebrations, Most of the Sacred Images Which are Normally Displayed in the Churches of the City, are Joined Together in the Cathedral. Each Image is Accompanied by Members of the Brotherhood Dedicated to This Figure in Their Respective Parishes. The Most Important Event of the Festivity is the Moment When all of the Faithful, the Musicians and the Saints Take Part in the Procession Around the Main Square. Some of the Members of the Brotherhood Wear Special Clothing or Carry Elegant Wax Candles, Embroidered Images and Standards. Altars Such as Those Traditionally Used in Spain and Introduced in America With Images of the Saints and the Mirrors Which Fascinated the Indians of the Colony are Set up in the Corners of the Plaza. During the Festivity of Corpus Christi, a Fair is Held in the City at the Same Time to Sell Products From the Valley.

Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo
There are Many Versions of the Origin of the Festivity. Initially it Was the Spaniards Who Introduced the Practice by Paying Respect to This Virgin in all the Towns of the Colony. For This Reason, Festivities were Celebrated Throughout America. In the Town it is said That in the 16th Century, Two Virgins Arrived to Southern Peru From Spain. One of Them to the Town of Puno and Another to the Town of Paucartambo. Some Claimed That the Most Beautiful Virgin Remained in Paucartambo. This Caused a Conflict Between the Two Towns and The Residents of Puno Tried to Steal Her. Usually in the Andean Religious Festivities There is a Sense of Competition With Other Festival Days. In This Case, the Lovely Clothing as Well as the Organization and Discipline of the Dancers, Has Made the Festivity of Paucartambo One of the Most Important in the Region. Presently, There are 15 Groups Which Participate. It is Celebrated Each Year From July 15th to the 19th .The Celebration Held in the Town Includes a Recreation of Historical Events, Which are Traditionally Staged in Several Scenes. Each Group Recreates Moments and Events Which are Interpreted in Mythical Cycles. The Complexity of, the Musical and its Symbols, the Costumes, the Dances and the Symbiosis Between Actor and Spectator are the Reasons Why the Festivity of Paucartambo Attracts Many Tourists. During the First Dayof the Festivity Many Tourists Take Advantage of Their Stay in Paucartambo to Visit the Tres Cruces, Where They Can Admire the Horizon of the Amazon and the Phenomenon of the Sun Dance at Sunrise.
June and July are the Most Interesting Months to Visit Cuzco Because There are a Lot of Celebrations and Traditional Dances Such as : "Corpus Christi" Religious Festivity , IntiRaimi (See Above) , "Virgen del Carmen" From the 15th to the 17th of July With Exhibitions of Allegorical Masks Specially in the City of Paucartambo (250 km From Cusco) .





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