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wpe5.jpg (5415 bytes)The Incas Called Cuzco "the Navel of the World" and Lake Titicaca "the Womb of Mankind." The Lakeside Populationof TodayConsider Themselves as the "Oldest People in the World”. The Lake Covers Approximately 9000 km and Like Many Things in Bolivia it Takes Another Highest Record ; it is the World's Highest Navigable Lake (12,500 Feet) 3,820 Meters, its Depth was Recently Measured at 457 Mt. Lake Titicaca has Long Been Known to be not Only the Largest but Also the most Sacred in the World. Near it, Many Cultures and Civilizations Have Risen. The Tiawanaku Culture Began its Heyday Around the Time of Christ and Lasted Over a Millennium Extending far Into Puno and Northern Chile. Tiawanaku Ceremonial Sites Were Constructed Along the Shores of Lake Titicaca, Indicating That the Lake was Considered Sacred at Least 2,000 Years Ago. The Incas Believed They Originated From Lake Titicaca and That Their Bearded, White Skinned/Deity, Viracocha, Began his Acts of Creation on This Island. Clearly, Lake Titicaca Played a Dominant Role in Andean Beliefs For Over Two Millennia. The Best Known of Lake Titicaca Islands are Taquile and Uros, the Floating Islands Made of Reed Called Totora. The Islands of the Sun and of the Moon are on the Bolivian Side. Reeds (Totora) Grow in the Low Waters of the Lake and They Have Always Been of Multiple Uses for the Natives. The People From the Titicaca Region Weave this Plant Very Well to Make Rafts Which Seem to be Made of Woven Glob Fiber; They Cut Swiftly Through the Waters of the Great Lake. Birds Nest Among the Reeds, Providing Eggs for Human Consumption. The Matted Plants Serve as a Foundation to Build Reed Houses. The Most Important Geographical Feature of theTiticaca is the Copacabana Peninsula, Which Contains Remains of Cultures Dating Back to Long Before the Spanish Influence in South America .




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