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Duration Highlights
Ask For Quotation 6 days and 5 nights Santiago - Puerto Varas
GLIMPSES OF THE PATAGONIA Ask For Quotation 5 days and 4 nights Santiago -
 Puerto Natales
SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA AND ITS CULTURE Ask For Quotation 5 days and 4 nights Calama - San Pedro de Atacama

Ask For Quotation 5 days and 4 nights Santiago - Viña del Mar

Ask For Quotation 12 days and 11 nights Santiago - Viña del Mar - Cusco - Machu Picchu

Ask For Quotation 11 days and 10 nights Cusco - Machu Picchu -  San Pedro de Atacama  - Calama


About Chile
Chile is Located Along the Western Coast of the Southern Cone of South America, Between the Highest Segment of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. Its Shape is Unique: it is One of the Longest Countries in the World, With 4,300 km in Length, but Simultaneously One of the Narrowest, with an Average Width of Only 180 km. It has All Kind of Climates on the Planet Excepting Only the Tropical Climate. The Official Language of Chile is Spanish, and its Currency is the Chilean Peso. The Population is Mestizo, of Mixed European and Indigenous People, Whose Traditions are Still Perceived in Some Parts of the Country. The Literacy Rate is 94%, Standing as One of the Highest in Latin America. On the Other Hand, About 90% of Chileans are Roman Catholics, Freedom of Worship There.

Chile has an Area of 756,096 km2, Which Increases by 1,250,000 km2 by Including the Chilean Antarctic Territory.

According to the 2002 Census Conducted, Chile has a Population of 16,000,000 Inhabitants.

The Unusual North-South Extension of Chile, Equivalent to Cross Europe From the Northern Tip of Norway to Beyond the Southern Tip of Spain, Gives Rise to a Variety of Climates, Which are Absent Only Tropical Rain. In the North, Regions I, II and III, There are Places WhereThey Have Never Recorded Rainfall, and in the Atacama Desert, and Others Where the Sporadic Rain That Falls in the Winter Give Rise to an Explosion of Flowers in Spring, a Phenomenon Known as "Desert Florido". In all This Vast Portion of the Country, the Coast has Moderate Climate With Cloudy Mornings and Sunny Afternoons. As Altitude Increases, the Daytime Temperature Rises and the Night Decreases. In the Highlands, the Temperature Falls Below 0 ° C at Night Even in Summer. At That Time also Occurs a Phenomenon Called "Bolivian Winter", with Occasional Rain and Hail Storms. Further South, Between Regions IV and VIII, We Find Mediterranean Landscapes with Valleys and Coasts Favored by a Mild Climate, Distinct Seasons, Relatively Dry Summers and Rainy Winters. Among the Regions VIII and X Dominates a Rainy Temperate Climate That Sustains Vast Forests and a Thriving Agricultural Industry. In regions XI and XII the Weather is Rainy and Moderately Cold, Windy on Shore and in the Patagonian Pampas. Towards the End of the Continent Reduce Temperature and Precipitation. Easter Island and the Juan Fernandez Islands have a Subtropical Climate with Mild Temperatures, Moderate Humidity and Relatively Little Variation During the Year.

Chile has one of the world's most open economies, with low tariffs and strong export orientation. For over 12 years the Chilean GDP growing by 7% a year, while inflation falls steadily, now reaching just over 4% per year. Chile is a member of APEC and MERCOSUR, and has signed trade agreements with the European Union, Mexico and Canada. The main activities include mining, services, raw material extraction, forestry, fishing and manufacturing and tourism.

The cuisine is essentially based marine products in Chile reached the exceptional quality. Chile is also one of the leading producers of quality fruit that can be enjoyed almost throughout the country. Their grapes, nectarines, apples and other fruits take precedence in all continents. Another highlight is the wine category, and medals gaining adherents worldwide. Strains that have disappeared in the old world here continue to produce wines of extraordinary quality at moderate prices.

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